Special Requests Are Our Jam!

Want to make your Box Of Goodies delivery extra f*cking special? Need a sneaky helping hand to make a grand gesture or sweep someone off their feet? 

We're one of the only businesses in Melbourne who will run to the local Coles for a special pack of tea to include in your gift box, or grab you a pot plant holder from Typo you've had your eye on for your bestie!

We got you!

With a little notice Box Of Goodies can add special items of your choosing to any gift box.

  • Want to sneak a photo frame into your box with a special photo already included?
  • Would a gift voucher add that extra something?
  • Need a keepsake added to the box that only your recipient could love?
  • Have an inside joke that needs one tiny item added to your box to make your recipient howl with laughter?

Here at Box Of Goodies, we love that kind of stuff! Our family have a warped and wicked sense of humour and we'd love to help you make your special someone's day even better! We accept items sent to us for inclusion or we can arrange a courier to pick up from you, if that's easier.

Contact us at order@boxofgoodies.com.au, or call us on 0432 330 530 to discuss your idea and we'll work out how we can make it happen.

** Disclaimer so there are no broken hearts on special days: We require 24 hours notice if you need a special item included and items are unable to be added to same day deliveries due to time constraints. We take no responsibility for items you send to us that don't arrive in time to be included in your box. Courier pick up from you or from your agent incurs a fee. Please consider carefully whether you want to include high value or sentimental items in boxes delivered by third party courier.

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