Our Story

Everyone has an awesome origin story that's sassy and full of humour, don't they?

Well, we do too, but we'll share this one instead...

Once upon a time, in the pandemic era and stage 3 lockdown in Melbourne, our owner, the lovely Tracey, wanted to send a box of something fun and different to an awesome florist on her birthday. She dared not send blooms from a competitor, lest they did not meet the flower maven's exacting standards, so she began the search for an awesome gift to have delivered.

Unfortunately Tracey began her search at 11pm after an awfully long day.

It went like this...

She found a great hamper of handmade chocolates but when she got to the shopping cart she discovered delivery was not possible the next day. In fact, delivery would not happen for six days! Eeek!

So she searched again, with a different company that promised same day delivery. Chose a box with wine and snacks. Same deal. Tracey should have allowed two days for 'packaging', so no next day delivery for her.

Our fearless gifter scratched her head, swore a little, and expanded the search to food hampers. Found an awesome one full of tasty treats, but alas, the order cut off for next day was 2pm. Nine hours prior to her credit-card-fuelled shopping spree.

At the end of a fruitless two hour search, bleary-eyed and terrified by the

knowledge that she had to crawl out of bed in four short hours, Tracey sent fun balloons and was satisfied.

For a day or two.

But now she'd discovered a need for fun and interesting gift box deliveries in Melbourne, and she couldn't let it go.

So Tracey built a website. She shopped her heart out for sassy, surprising goodies to stuff inside bright pink gift boxes, and here we are, sending super fun and wildly interesting gift boxes same day in Melbourne!

We have gift boxes, or if you prefer, gift hampers, for everyone. Whether you're organised and sort your gift deliveries early (show off!), or you're a late shopper like Tracey who jumps online at close-to-midnight to sort out something special for someone fab in a last minute gift box delivery.

We'd love to help you, should you find yourself in your own last minute pickle. Our cut off is 11am on delivery days, not 2pm the day before you need us!

We hope you love the different, and sometimes naughty gift box items we've chosen for you, and we know we'll make you look pretty and smart once the goodness is opened and enjoyed.

You're welcome!

Love Tracey

Head Gifting Guru...and lover of Big Macs.

Tracey Pedersen, Box Of Goodies Owner, Melbourne.
If you need your own birthday gifts in Melbourne, delivered same day, start creating your birthday gift box today!