F*ck! Forgotten to order that something special or need a unique gift box for delivery in Melbourne today? Don't panic! We're here to help.

Quickly browse our selection of zany or sensible hand-picked giftbox items, complete checkout, and relax. Or, spend some time browsing each one of our selection of specially chosen gift items to include in a pretty box. Whether you want specialty chocolates, funny gift baskets, personal pamper boxes, new baby booties, or an outrageous sweary hamper we have something for you. Unique Melbourne online gift delivery has never been so easy! Box Of Goodies offers genuine same day delivery in Melbourne, because that's where we live, and we love to see happy faces when our gift hampers are delivered.

Last minute delivery of gift boxes to Melbourne can be arranged and we have something for every special occasion and to suit every budget! Make sure to send your wine hampers, client gifts and special occasion gift boxes with us today! Please, please send f-bomb gifts to your clients. We'd love to see that because we are wicked!

We deliver Monday to Saturday. On Mother's Day, Father's Day and whenever Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday, we can be found running around madly on a Sunday!

Our doors are locked up tight Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and all public holidays. If you can't choose a particular delivery date at checkout, either you have missed the cut off for same day delivery, we've filled all our courier spots for that date, we're drunk and passed out behind the filing cabinet, or we have blocked it out for some other reason. Please choose the next available date. 

Box Of Goodies does not deliver on public holidays unless we are running a special promotion (such as grand final day). We mostly don't run promos on holidays because we really like to sleep in!

Box Of Goodies delivers daily in Melbourne and despatches interstate every day. We don't deliver internationally at this stage. Sorry to all you exotic overseas peeps but postage overseas is f*cking expensive and we don't want to put you through that!

We can't deliver to PO boxes because Aus Post are fun police! It's a shame, because we'd love one of those postie motorbikes with the little flag! Please ensure you provide a street address for a home or business, complete with relevant apartment number and any special instructions so we don't f*ck your delivery up.

Of course! Our shopping cart will force you to choose a date, because it's a dominant mo-fo. Pick the day you want delivery and we'll take care of the rest. Same day delivery cut off is 1pm, Monday to Saturday. You can order up to six months ahead on the website, or contact us if you wish to discuss dates outside the six month period. That specific enough for ya?

Deliveries take place between 10am and 5pm for business addresses, and 10am and 6pm for residential. As we use third party couriers, we can't guarantee a delivery time. However, we are sneaky rule breakers, so if you have a special request, please call or email us before placing your Box Of Goodies order and we might be able to magic something. Sometimes we can perform miracles and squeeze your delivery into our normal schedule because we are just that f*cking awesome!

This happens more than you'd expect and it can be really f*cking annoying for us and for you! For homes with easy access (i.e. no locked gate, no big scary dog and no apartments with locked doors) it's easy - our courier will leave your Box Of Goodies at the front door or in another safe place for your recipient to discover (and squeal over!) when they return home. If there is no access and we cannot contact the receiver, we will contact the sender to advise. Please, for the love of everything good in this world, answer your phone! If no additional arrangements can be made the box will be returned to our office and a new time, with a redelivery fee will need to be arranged. We absolutely hate passing on this fee from our courier, so please make sure you answer your phone should you receive a call from us on your delivery day!

You are welcome to pick up your Box Of Goodies from Ivanhoe. Please email us to organise a time that suits or enquire before placing your order.

F*ck no. All purchasers and receivers must be over 18 years old to comply with Liquor regulations. We do not supply alcohol to minors and you may be asked to show identification if our courier believes you look under 25. But you already knew that was the answer, right?

There are specific rules gift box suppliers must abide by in order to include alcohol in their product range. We abide by each of these in all cases because we might be potty-mouthed but we're also cowards. Please do not ask us to flout the law. We're cheap. We won't do anything that could result in a fine.

  • We don't sell any type of liquor by itself. All orders must be included in your Box Of Goodies or be purchased as an add-on to a box.
  • We cannot supply more than 1.5 litres of alcohol to any one receiver in any given day. So, no adding five bottles of wine to your Box Of Goodies! Soz!
  • The value of the alcohol cannot exceed 50% of your order sale price.
  • Both the receiver and the purchaser must be over 18 to have alcohol included in your Box Of Goodies. Our courier will ask for suitable photo identification if there is any doubt at the time of delivery. Please don't be offended by this.

Of course, and YES PLEASE! We love being involved in festive occasions or just in making someone's day. Please see details of how we can help you with Special Requests here.

In almost all cases your gift will include exactly the same items as our photos. We only sell gifts that we have on hand and we include everything in the box in the photo for the website. In the unlikely event that disaster strikes and we have to substitute an item we'll always contact the sender to make sure they're happy with the change. Please note: product photos are arranged to ensure you can clearly see the items in your Box Of Goodies. We pack the goods securely into our keepsake gift boxes and include product packaging that may not be shown in the photos. We pack 'em tight people! No matter what, your gift recipient will love how their Box Of Goodies is presented. Promise!

We suggest a minimum of 3-4 items, otherwise the box can look a little lonely. A good number is 6-10 items, but rest assured if you get excited and order more we'll throw in complimentary packaging to ensure your Box Of Goodies order looks amazing. We have window faced bags and keepsake boxes in other sizes to ensure your gift makes the perfect impression. Everyone loves receiving a gift box and a fancy gift bag on top!

You sure can! We encourage it! There are two easy options. Either order and pay for each box separately with the appropriate delivery address and gift message. Or, if you're in a hurry, add all the boxes you want to your single order. Once it's finalised, email us at order@boxofgoodies.com.au and tell us which boxes are going where. Please be clear and remember to include the gift message for each box. If we are at all unsure we will contact you to clarify and make sure your Box Of Goodies gifts arrive just how you intended. You can also call us on 0432 330 530 if you f*ck something up or just need a hand to get it right.

We hope you found all the answers you're looking for. If not, feel free to email us at order@boxofgoodies.com.au and we'll be sure to help. If email is not your thang, you're welcome to message below:


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