Create Your Own Box Of Goodies

We love the idea that our customer - YOU! - can create your own naughty Box Of Goodies and include only the gifts you want. No more emailing to beg for an item to be swapped for something else. No more taking time from your Instagram scrolling to ask to steal something from a ready-made box.

We heard you and we f*cking listened!

Sympathy gift box greeting card, Melbourne.

From now on, you get customized gift boxes everything! If something fab shows as available, you can have it. Just click 'Add' and it's yours. We've split our sassy goodies into themed boxes so you can easily send a birthday delivery, a new baby hamper delivery, or have gifts delivered to remind your bestie that you love 'em.

If you're really brave, we've included an option to browse every item we have in our rather large and unique gift goodie stash! Click here for our Just Because Box

Ordering the funnest ever custom Box Of Goodies is super easy:

  1. Choose your theme from our home page or click Create Your Own Box in the top menu and choose your theme on the next page.
  2. Choose a pink, turquoise or white gift box - this is the only compulsory item and lets us know which colour packaging you'd like. If you get excited and choose too many items to fit in the box, we'll upgrade the size, add another box, or add a window-faced gift bag at no charge. Don't worry - whether you choose 3 or 30 items, your Box Of Goodies will arrive looking fabulous!
  3. Click next (or use the pink dots at the top of the screen to navigate through the sections).
  4. Choose the items you want from each section and add each one to your shopping cart. If you want to check which items you've ordered, just click View Box Contents and you can see the list.
  5. Adjust your awesome selection, delete bits, add new things, and keep adding more goodies until you've got everything just how you want it.
  6. Click 'Finished? Add To Cart'.
  7. In the Cart choose a delivery date (we deliver on this exact date for Melbourne metro deliveries, for interstate deliveries choose the next available date as we ship daily). If the date you want is greyed out and not available to choose, we are either fully booked that day, we're already drunk, it's a Sunday, or you've missed the cut off time.
  8. Add the message you'd like to go with your Box Of Goodies (remember to include your name so the receiver knows who it's from). If you ordered a card the message will go inside the card, if not we'll include your message on our own custom insert. Cause we rock!
  9. Add any special delivery instructions so we don't f*ck it up and click 'Checkout'.
  10. Choose your delivery method and complete the shipping page with the receiver's full address and contact phone number (in case we have problems delivering). Click 'Continue to shipping' and freight will be added according to your postcode. It will be free if your order is over $150.
  11. Click 'Continue to payment'.
  12. Add payment details and your billing information, including your phone number.
  13. Click Pay Now and you're done. You'll receive an email confirmation and we'll take care of sending your Box Of Goodies on the correct date.
  14. When we hand your box to our courier, you'll get an email confirming this too.

We hope you love creating your own Box Of Goodies and that you find it super easy. If you need help, feel free to shoot us an email at and we'll get back to you right away. If you're absolutely stuck and you're in a hurry, call us on 0432 330 530 and let us know the items you'd like to send, and we'll take care of it. You can also check our Melbourne gift delivery same day FAQ's.

A Box Of Goodies is like your perfect boyfriend....normal on the outside and just a little crazy and kinky on the inside....

Create Your Own