Same Day Gift Delivery Melbourne

Same Day Gift Delivery Melbourne for all custom and ready-made gift box deliveries

We Do Same Day Gift Delivery, Melbourne! Yaaaaassss!

Is there anything better than finding a same day gift delivery service? Here at Box Of Goodies, we think not! One of the main reasons we started this business was because of a futile late-night search for same day gifts or hampers for delivery in Melbourne. Despite what Google told us, most fun gift box places couldn't guarantee next day service of our gift selection and we were bummed! (You can read our Box Of Goodies story here.)

Box Of Goodies was hatched mid 2020, and since then we've received lots of lovely messages from our awesome clients who are thrilled to be able to send same-day (sometimes known as last-minute - LOL)!

Same Day Gift Delivery Melbourne

How To Send A Same Day Gift Delivery In Melbourne

The first step is to know the cut off times. Many gift box services advertise same day delivery for metropolitan Melbourne, but when you get to the checkout page there is fine print about allowing for packing times, and other interesting reasons for delays. Be certain you can have same day before you hand over your cash. Otherwise you risk disappointment when your gift doesn't arrive when you expect.

In our initial research we found businesses that required two-day lead times, some that had a same day cut off but still did not guarantee their delivery times, a couple where the cut off was 2pm the previous day, and even one that advertised all over their website that they did same day, but on further investigation that was only if the recipient was based in Sydney.

We've even heard a tale of a same day gifting service that informed the customer after they had paid that same day was not available for the area they required. It's a bit late after the money has changed hands!

At Box Of Goodies we can get a same day gift out the door for you as long as you order by 11am, Monday to Saturday. That gives us enough time to book couriers before their own cut off times and also the right amount of time to pack your gift box with an extra dose of funnish love! We stuff it with pretty tissue paper, bonus Ferrero Rocher chokkies and a pretty gift card and getting those things right takes a minute or two!

Once you're sure our cut off times suit you, all you need to do is either choose one of our ready-made gift boxes, or head over to create your own extravagant gift. Just remember, your order needs to be finalised by 11am to get the benefit of same day delivery if your recipient if in Melbourne.

There's also a little-known fact about Box Of Goodies that a couple of people have discovered. If you're just after the cut off and you call us, we might be able to sneak your order through! Yes - we are that awesome! Of course, it depends on the day and some days we just don't have any more hands available, but if you get stuck, try us. We'll do our best to make your gifting day!

To choose your own same day gift delivery in Melbourne, check out our Just Because range of product options. This selection includes every item we have in stock so you get the largest gifting choice.

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